Nigerian youths in Mixed Martial Arts MMA are drooling with joy and ecstacy after One Fight Ultimate OFU advanced plans to ensure budding talents in the sports make a living out of it.

In promotion of the next OFU event, tagged #ofufughtnight2, Chief Ife Obiudo, CEO OFU Entertainment Limited, who addressed fighters of Champions Gym at Civic Center in Portharcourt, donated facility equipment worth thousands of Naira.

The president enjoined fighters to knuckle down in preparation towards the next OFU Fightnight:

“Creative plans and ideas are in place for a symbiotic relationship between the promotion and some of the gyms nationwide which will birth exchange of programmes between top MMA nations and Nigeria, improvement of fighters’ and coaches’ welfare, foreign training and opportunities, and establishment of key structures in the sports.

After a thunderous ovation from the fighters for the CEO, an elated Cornell ‘Marine Boxer’ Thompson who took down Togolese Zikpli Anoumou in the 64KG weight class of the last OFU Fightnight, spoke with pure joy:

“The game in Nigeria would’ve been better than what’s obtainable if fighters’ welfare package was improved upon.

“That way fighters will take all manner of risks in order to put up a spectacle.”

On the risk aspect, Chief Obiudo reminded the fighters about the comprehensive insurance policy that OFU had always embraced:

“The last Ofufightnight had a total insurance package that was meant to take care of all fighters in case of any eventualities.

“The Fightnight 2 will have a juicier package.

“These innovations are capital intensive, so am using this great opportunity to call on corporate Nigeria to join me by the way of support so that millions of youths in the country can benefit, long term, when they take the game as a career.”

Next up for One Fight Ultimate OFU was a brainstorming meeting with a former national kickboxing champion Mania Jack who owns Menia Mixed Martial Arts And Fitness Academy also in Portharcourt, Rivers State.

On acceptance of some OFU merchandise, Jack expressed readiness to support the promotion in its quest to take MMA to loftier heights but cautioned that coaches in the game are being sidelined in the grand scheme of things;

“Most promotions go behind the coaches to poach their fighters, and this has continued to breed mistrust in the game which eventually messes up the business side of it.”

Chief Ife promised never to leave the coaches behind in his company’s grand plan for MMA, adding that the tour of gyms in the country will soon extend to the Northern, Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria.

The tours and interactions with stakeholders will serve as a prelude to the fast approaching and hugely anticipated OFUFIGHTNIGHT2 which promises to take Africa’s MMA business by storm.

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